RAMPAGE Production Update

TLDR: Boards are almost done, we're expecting them to ship from the factory late next week. Sea freight will take a few weeks. We'll have a closer delivery date for you once they're on the water.

Hey everyone it's Rob with a quick production update on the RAMPAGE

I know how anxious you must be to get your board and I can't tell you how wildly excited I am for that either!

Here's where we're at on production:

All RAMPAGE parts have been delivered for the first batch of boards. This batch will cover all orders up to September 5th. If you placed your order after September 5th, the delivery date will be slightly later.

  • The first batch of RAMPAGEs are almost completely assembled. We're aiming to have them finished next week.
  • Many people have expressed their willingness to wait slightly longer for a higher quality, longer lasting board. I will honor that by thoroughly inspecting 2 production samples before the entire batch is sent. We are paying a small fortune to air ship these samples here. I will personally inspect and if I'm happy with everything, give the green light to ship the remaining boards here. The 2 samples are arriving next week. 
    • I'll be doing an unboxing and getting vids of the testing on these boards on Instagram, so add me @rob.rast if you want the updates in real time.  
    • I will update you with the results of my findings and hopefully the green light decision ASAP after they arrive!
    • In addition we have shipped one production board to Rich, the Miles rider closest to our factory in China to get his feedback before shipping. The video above is his first day with the production RAMPAGE