RAMPAGE Production Update: Survey Results, Range Test

Results from the survey are in:

The most popular choice was for the option to purchase 8” wheels  in addition to the 6.5” for 50% off. The second most popular was to allow you to choose which tire size you want on your board. So we’re going with both options!

There were many questions regarding the range of either set up, so we put them head to head in a range test, which you can watch below.


We want to move ASAP with these boards, so this is how wheel selection/addons will work:

  1. To Stay with 6.5” Wheels

Do nothing. Unless you specify 8” wheels in the survey, all boards will ship with 6.5” wheels. No need to submit anything.

  1. For Additional 8” Wheel Order:

If you want to add an order of 8” wheels to your order- use this link. The 50% discount will automatically be applied at checkout. We will add the wheels to your order (please use the same email address for this order). Note: the discount expires Sunday at midnight PST, so please be quick! If you get your order in after this date we will be unable to add them to your order.

  1. To Choose 8” Wheel Size:

If you already submitted your wheel size choice in the last google survey, no need to do anything. If you need to choose now or change your answer, use this new google survey. We will go with your most recent answer.


Huge thanks for your input!

Let's get the numbers in and get these boards shipped!


Team Miles