Rampage Wheels
Rampage Wheels

Rampage Wheels

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Shred hard and swap some new ones in when you need them.


 Choose your Wheels

When it comes to deciding which wheel option to choose from, it's best to know what kind of riding you will be doing.  While they will both give you the same Range per charge, there are a few things to consider.

6.5 inch:  These wheels offer more torque.  This means it has better hill climbing ability and faster acceleration and stopping at the low end.  The smaller circumference means that the top speed on flat ground is up to 25mph.

8 inch: These wheels are built for speed.  On flat ground, they top out at up to 28mph.  While the acceleration/stopping at the low end is not as drastic as its little brother, you will have better acceleration and hill-climbing, at the top end (20+ mph).  Finally, if it wasn't obvious enough, the larger wheels have an easier time navigating rugged terrain.  


  • 6.5" and 8" Wheels ready to go
  • Airless Design
  • Easy to swap in just about 2 minutes
  • Comes only in a Full Set of 4
  • This product does not include bearings.

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