A collection of the most asked questions regarding Miles Carbon Fiber Electric Skateboards. Can you take your Lithium battery on a plane? Is there a warranty? What's the weight limit on one of these motorized skateboards?






My Miles Arrived. What now?
What range can you get?
From our testing data (and we push the boards hard!), we get the following range:
Dual: 10-18 Miles
Your mileage will vary based on weight, terrain and speed.
Why is the range longer than other boards?
The Dual comes with high capacity lithium batteries. The Dual has a 144WH battery.
WH = Watt Hours, is a measurement of the total energy in a battery
This is more capacity than popular boards like the Boosted 2 (99WH), Boosted Mini S (99WH), and Inboard (97WH).  
Not only does it have more battery capacity, but with less moving parts (NO BELTS = less friction = more efficient), Miles boards can achieve incredible range.
Beware: Many electric skateboard brands (especially the budget ones) don’t even publish their battery capacity. Are they afraid you’ll find out the truth?
Can I get another high capacity battery?
Yes, you can get it here
Can you change the battery?
Yes, you can swap the battery out in about 5 minutes. Just remove the deck lid, turn the battery off, unplug it and insert your new battery. This feature is great for those that want a looong ride!
How long does it take to charge?
Typically 1-2 hours, slightly longer if completely dead. 
I’m heavy, can I ride it?
If you weigh less than 270 lbs, that’s a big YES. Though we often ride 2 up for a combined weight of ~350lbs, we can’t recommend it. Performance will decline with increased weight and the boards are not officially tested past 270lbs. 
I’m tall, can I ride it?
Yes, there’s no height limit and the board is very stable for all folks short and tall. Check out this review from Brett, a 6’4” Miles Rider in Folsom.
Can you ride it with no battery or no remote?
Yes! The hub motors are precision engineered for the least drag possible. Boards with belt motors (and orange wheels :P ), are a drag to push with no power. Miles is a breeze to push and cruises almost as fast as a traditional push longboard.
Is this practical to use for commuting daily to work (5 miles) and shopping, etc?
Yes! 5 miles is a great distance to shred on your Miles. With the Dual you'll probably make it there and back in one charge too. You’ll have the most fun if your roads are smooth and it will sure beat uber, traffic, busses etc.
Can I ride it underwater?
The board is water resistant, not waterproof. That means you can ride through light rain and decent sized puddles but you can’t go swimming with it.
The motors are completely waterproof and can run completely underwater. The electronics and battery in the deck are not waterproof, so it’s not a good idea to submerge the whole board or ride in heavy/torrential rains. The warranty does not cover water damage.
Can I ride it in the Grass? 
YES. You can cruise over cut grass from a dead stop but may want to get a rolling start if it's on the longer side. Grass takes more energy to roll over than asphalt, so it will slow any board down and use more battery than it would on hard surfaces.
Miles is designed for asphalt, concrete, and other hard surfaces and that's where it really shines. Don't let that stop you from getting creative though. Take the board to the golf course and shred it up if you fancy!!
Can I ride it Off-Road? 
It's not the smoothest ride we've ever had, but it definitely powers through to get you from point A to B!! While it is meant to shred the streets, the board can handle grass & gravel surfaces. The Powerful Hub Motors and Extremely Durable Wheels combine to allow you to continue shredding through those rough terrains!!
Can I ride it in the Sand? 
NO! Sand is too fluffy to get through on even the MIles Dual. The board just sinks in and sprays sand everywhere. You'd need big off-road tires to get over sand, and even then, only hard-packed wet sand will work. Miles is not an off-road board, but if you want to get creative you can always fly over hard dirt trails or grass!!
Can it do powerslides?
Yup! Can you?
How much weight can it tow?
We're gonna need more people next time!
How does it handle cold weather? 
While this was just a few minutes at an extremely cold temperature, the board did better than us. It's tough to imagine you'll be able to ride in any weather cold enough to shut the board off!
As with all batteries, the lower the temperature, the lower the discharge rate and capacity of the battery. For example, at 10 below freezing, the battery can discharge at about 40% of its normal capacity. The board will still work at this temperature however, your max power, speed, and range will decrease... The good news is the motors and battery will heat up slightly during use to improve power and range.
There is definitely a temperature at which the battery won't be able to power on the board. Luckily, we've never been cold enough to experience this, but according to data from our battery supplier, we believe it's around -25 degrees Fahrenheit. At that temperature, we recommend finding a loved one and cuddling up by the fire before you go out and shred ice!
Storing the board indoors at room temperature before going out into extreme cold will greatly increase the performance under cold temperatures as the internals will be closer to ideal operating temperature.
What colors do Miles come in?
Black and pink baby! The Miles Board comes with a swappable deck lid so you can purchase extras and swap them to fit your mood in minutes Keep an eye out because we’ll be adding more in the future! 
How many watts are the Motors?
We don't disclose the motor wattage because it's become industry standard to lie about motor power. You deserve better than that.
Many companies claim to have 2000W, 3000W motors when they only have 100WH batteries... 
Let's calculate that out: 100WH/3000W = .05 hours of run time. If their claims were true you could only use the board for 2 minutes!
You're welcome to put the board up against top brands and compare performance, you won't be disappointed!


Is there a warranty?
Yes, we’ve got your back with a 6 month warranty that covers the entire board from defect or malfunction under normal use. If anything on the board should stop working, just hit us up (help@milesboard.com) and we’ll get you rolling again in no time! The warranty does not cover any damage from misuse (including water damage), tampering or unauthorized alterations/repairs. 
What if it’s past the warranty or I broke it myself?
No stress, we still have your back with excellent support (from real humans in the US) and will help you purchase the correct replacement component(s) to get rolling ASAP.


Does it have lights?
No. The Dual remote features a small LED safety light to use in a pinch for visibility. If you ride at night, we do recommend investing in a set of lights though. You can get yours here.
If I wear the wheels out can I replace them?
Yes you can, just loosen a few screws and swap a new one on in about 2 minutes! You can find replacement wheels here.
I just crashed and broke my _____ where can I get a replacement?
You can find all replacement components here. Can’t find it? Email us at Help@milesboard.com


When does it ship?

US Orders are prepared and shipped same or next business day. International orders are prepared at our factory and shipped out within 3-4 business days.

How long for delivery?

US Orders take around 3 days for the West Coast and 7-8 days for the East coast. International orders ship direct from the factory and arrive approximately 3-4 weeks after shipment. 

Where do you ship?

Currently we are shipping to the United States only, stay tuned for updates.


Can I test one at your office?

Yes! Come cruise by the showroom in San Diego. 



Do I need to wear a helmet?
We strongly recommend wearing a good helmet. Accidents happen (ask Rob : D ). If you value what’s inside your head, a helmet can protect it from damage. Not only that, it’s the law in many places. Bottom line: you’re responsible for your own decisions. Please don’t come crying to us if you crack your skull or get a ticket. You may see us riding without helmets from time to time and that’s a value decision we make and own. We trust you’ll make the right decision for you each time you ride.
Other protective gear can save you from scrapes if you’re new to skating, riding hard or just clumsy. Please be safe out there!
Can you take it on an airplane?
No, the battery is too big.
Is it legal to ride on my roads?
Please check the regulations of your jurisdiction to find out where you can or can't ride. Above all, ride safely and responsibly. Your destiny is in your hands. We just help you get there faster.