Frequently Asked Questions


What's the difference between the Dual and Single?
Why do you use hub motors instead of belt motors?
What range can I expect?
Why is the Range longer than other boards?
Can I get another high capacity battery?
How do I change the battery?
How long does it take to charge?
I'm heavy, can I ride it?
I'm tall, can I ride it?
Can you ride it without a battery or remote?
Is this practical to use as a daily commuter?
Can I ride it underwater?
What colors does Miles come in?


Is there a warranty?
What if it's past the warranty or I broke it myself?


Does it have lights?
If I wear down the rubber motor wheel, can I replace it?
I just crashed and broke my ____ where can I get a replacement?

Payments and Shipping

Can I buy it with payments?
I have a big following. Can I get the board for free?
How much is shipping?
When does it ship?
How long for delivery?
Can I pick the board up from your office?


Do I need to wear a helmet?
Can you take it on airplane?
Are you hiring?