Miles Ambassador Program


Do you want a FREE Electric skateboard? Then become an Ambassador for Miles!!!

What’s in it for me?

  • Get a board for FREE along with a unique discount code.
  • Your Subscribers/followers using the code receive a 10% discount on the boards during checkout.
  • After selling 4 boards, you will begin receiving a 10% commission for each additional board you sell!

 How does it work?

To use Split-Pay, you must use a Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) 

  • We authorize a Deposit on your Credit Card and send you the board of your choosing. From the day you receive it, you have 60 days to sell 4 boards.
  • The deposit is NOT a charge. No money will be taken within the first 60 days.
  • When you sell 4 boards in under 60 days, the deposit on you card is REMOVED and your board is FREE!!
    • We got you covered though: In the event you aren’t able to sell all 4 in the allotted time frame, we will prorate you for the amount sold.
    • Example: If you sell 2 boards, you will only be charged half the deposit. Selling 3 boards means you only owe a quarter, etc.

If you do not have a Credit Card (Visa or Master Card) you can use another form of payment such as a Debit Card or PayPal. 

  • You will be charged upfront, but will be refunded based on the amount of boards sold after the 60 day period.  

If you're ready to ride, lets get you set up!! 



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