WANTED: Electric Skateboard Reviews!

(Valid in the United States Only)

Do you want to save BIG TIME on a brand new board?! Then we have an offer for you! 



In exchange for huge savings, all we ask is that you create and publish a YouTube review when you receive your board!

What should I cover?

  • Design:  What do you like about the boards looks? Colors, Materials, Shape, Size, Weight.
  • Performance:  How does it ride? Acceleration, Top Speed, Breaking, etc. 
  • Lifestyle:  How do you use your board and where do you ride? For recreation, commuting, etc.
  • Benefits:  How does the small, portable board affect your everyday life?  

Guidelines for your Review:

  • Title: Be creative but include the words "Miles Electric Skateboard Review" 
  • Description: You can write whatever you want here.  This is your chance to really describe your experience and thoughts you have on the board.
  • Tags: "Eboard" "Eskate" "Esk8" "Skateboard" "Longboard" "Electric Skateboard" "Electric Longboard" "Boosted Boards" "Inboard" "Ride Electric" "Skate" 
  • Thumbnail: It's best to choose a shot that has a lot of action.  Make it as engaging as possible because you want others to click and watch.

If you're ready to ride, let's get you set up!! 


***Not valid with any other discounts***
***Valid in the United States Only***
***Failure to post a review within 20 days of receiving the board will void warranty***


 "But I've never made a review before!"

No worries at all.  Take a look at the reviews below for some ideas.  Do your best to make it look as professional as possible. However, the main focus should be an honest testimonial about the board and why you like it. 

  • Try to make it at least 1-min in length.
  • Include clips of you riding the board if possible.
  • Tell the audience how you feel while riding.
  • EVEN IF YOU CAN'T EDIT CLIPS, you can use your cell phone and take a selfie video to upload.
  • Again, the important thing is communicating your thoughts on the board.  Film on a selfie stick or a $5000 camera.  We care about your opinion, not your skills as a cinematographer.  


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