Miles Dual Review Board
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Miles Dual Review Board

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Lithium-Ion Battery 4Ah, 36V
Climbing Limit 20% Grade
Motor High - Torque Brushless Hubs
Speed Up to 22 Mph
Range 10-18 Miles
Charge time 1-2h
Deck Material Carbon Fiber
Wheels 80mm


Stay on top of your ride with a premium remote. You can monitor speed, max speed, and battery levels on the remote's display. Switch between slow and fast modes, forward and reverse as you please. Don't forget you can use the remote as a safety light while you ride at night.

100% Carbon Fiber Deck

Get the best performance in the lightest package possible. The deck is made entirely out of Japanese carbon fiber (unlike some boards that claim to be carbon fiber but actually have wood cores). Strong, lightweight and sexy. 

Interchangeable Grip Plate

Match your board to your mood. Miles features a removable carbon fiber grip plate so you can swap graphics in just a couple minutes. 

Performance Hub Motors

It's tough not to smile when a small board packs this much punch. Dual performance hub motors propel you to speeds up to 22mph in no time. Shred through your wheels? No worries - you can swap the rubber out in about 2 minutes. 

Performance, Without the Compromise.

The Miles Dual is a high performance carbon fiber short board for people that want to look good on the fastest and lightest ride possible. Boasting a 27 inch, 100% carbon fiber body, the Dual weighs 12.5 pounds so you can take it with you -- wherever you go.

Your Miles Dual doesn't sacrifice power for portability. Two Brushless Performance Hub Motors will get you flying down sidewalks, boardwalks, or your favorite roads at up to 22 miles per hour! Need to slow down? Pull back on your Dual's thumb throttle to engage the braking system.



Payments and Shipping 



What’s the difference between the Dual and Single?

The Single has one powerful hub motor while the Dual has two.  The Single is very fast on it’s own with speeds of 18-20 mph possible, but it won’t accelerate or brake as fast as the Dual.

The Single comes with a basic remote with fast/slow, forward, brake and reverse functions. There is no display.

The Dual comes with a premium remote with information display and safety light on top of the basic functions.


Why do you use hub motors and not clumsy belt motors?

The first electric skateboards were developed with elbow grease and off the shelf components. They were an ingenious contraption made of hobby motors bolted to skateboard wheels. We salute the pioneers that brought electric skateboarding to life!

Belt motors are typically geared down so they can achieve more torque than hub motors. The torque helps in acceleration, hill climbing and off road riding. However there are more moving parts, more friction and more things to break. That means range and top speed can suffer dramatically with belted motors. If you’ve ever tried to ride a board with belt motors, you can feel what a drag all those moving parts and friction can be. On or off, that friction is what robs you of speed and range.  

Now that more riders like you have embraced electric skating, it’s become possible to invest in advanced technology that puts the motor directly inside the wheel. This development means that you can ride with less moving parts, less friction, less weight and more fun! It's why you can get incredible range on a Miles board and still cruise at shit-your-pants speed.

Belt motors may be cheaper to manufacture, but they’re not for us. We wanted a fast, smooth, lightweight sexy ride that lasts for miles and miles. Hub motors were the clear choice!


What range can you get?

From our testing data (and we push the boards hard!), we get the following range:

Single: 8-13 Miles

Dual: 10-18 Miles

Your mileage will vary based on rider weight, terrain and speed.


Why is the Range longer than other boards?

Both Single and Dual come with high capacity lithium batteries. The Single has a 108WH battery while the Dual has a 144WH battery.

WH = Watt Hours, is a measurement of the total energy in a battery

This is higher than popular boards like the Boosted 2 (99WH), Boosted Mini S (99WH), and Inboard (97WH).  

Not only does Miles pack more battery capacity, but with less moving parts (NO BELTS = less friction = more efficient), Miles boards can achieve incredible range.

Beware: Many electric skateboard brands don’t even publish their battery capacity. Are they afraid you’ll find out the truth?


Can I get another high capacity battery?

Yes, you can get it here. Choose the capacity you want. Note that the Single 3AH and Dual 4AH battery can be interchanged and used in either board.


Can you change the battery?

Yes, you can swap the battery out in about 5 minutes. Just remove the deck lid, turn the battery off, unplug it and insert your new battery. This feature is great for those that want a looong ride!


How long does it take to charge?

Single: 1-2 hours

Dual: 2-3 Hours

I’m heavy, can I ride it?

If you weigh less than 270 lbs, that’s a big YES. Though we often ride 2 up and surpass this limit, we don’t recommend it for riders over 270lbs.


I’m tall, can I ride it?

Yes, there’s no height limit and the board is very stable for all folks short and tall. Check out this review from Brett, a 6’4” Miles Rider in Folsom


Can you ride it with no battery or no remote?

Yes, the hub motors are precision engineered for the least drag possible. Some boards with antique belt motors (and orange wheels 😜), are a total drag to push with no power. Miles on the other hand is a breeze to push and cruises almost as fast as a non traditional push longboard.


Is this practical to use for commuting daily to work (5 miles) and shopping, etc?

Yes! 5 miles is a great distance to shred on your Miles. With the Dual you could probably make it there and back in one charge too. You’ll have the most fun if your roads are smooth and it will sure beat uber, traffic, busses etc.


Can I ride it underwater?

The board is water resistant, not waterproof. That means you can ride through light rain and decent sized puddles but you can’t go swimming with it.

The motors are completely waterproof and can run completely underwater. The electronics and battery in the deck are not waterproof, so it’s not a good idea to submerge the whole board or ride in heavy/torrential rains. The warranty does not cover water damage.


What colors do Miles come in?

Black and pink baby. That’s it. The Miles Board comes with a swappable deck lid and you can purchase other designs here. It only takes 3 minutes to swap a new grip design on. Keep an eye out because we’ll be adding more in the future!



Is there a warranty?

Yes, we’ve got your back with a 6 month warranty that covers the entire board from defect or malfunction under normal use. If anything on the board should stop working, just hit us up (call 833-MYMILES) and we’ll get you rolling again in no time!


What if it’s past the warranty or I broke it myself?

No stress, we still have your back with excellent support (from real humans in the US) and will help you purchase the correct replacement component(s) to get rolling ASAP.



Does it have lights?

No. The Dual remote features a small LED safety light to use in a pinch for visibility. If you ride at night, we do recommend investing in a set of shredlights which mount right under the board and can be pulled on and off in a few seconds. Be visible and be safe.


If I wear down the rubber motor wheel, can I replace it?

Yes you can, just loosen a few screws and swap a new one on in about 2 minutes! You can find replacement wheels here.


I just crashed and broke my _____ where can I get a replacement?

You can find all replacement components here. Can’t find it? Give us a call at 833-MYMILES


Payments and Shipping

Can I buy it with payments?

Yes, there are two cool payment options that let you ride now and pay later! Check them out here.


I have a big following. Can I get the board for free?

Yes, if you can help spread the word to more riders. Click here to apply to the ambassador program.

If you can’t do anything for us but you’re still trying to leech a free board, you’re just a freeloader. Hit us back up when you’re ready to appreciate the hard work, blood sweat and tears that Team Miles put into this board!


How much is shipping?

Shipping is free to the lower 48 States. If you’re outside there, sorry we can’t ship to you right now.


When does it ship?

Generally for orders before 2PM PST, we’ll send your board out the same business day. For orders after that, we’ll ship next business day. You’ll receive a tracking number for the board as soon as it ships out!


How long for delivery?

The board ships FedEX ground from San Diego and delivery takes 2-4 days on the West Coast and 6-8 days for the East coast.


Can I pick the board up from your office?

Yes, come cruise by the showroom in San Diego. The address is:

FLX Miles

4170 Morena Boulevard. Ste. D

San Diego, CA 92117



Do I need to wear a helmet?

We strongly recommend wearing a good helmet. Shit happens and if you value what’s inside your head, a helmet can protect it from damage. Not only that, it’s the law in many places. Bottom line, you’re responsible for your own decisions so don’t come crying to us if you crack your skull or get a ticket. You may see us riding without helmets from time to time and that’s a value decision we make and own. We trust you’ll make the right decision for you each time you ride.

Other protective gear can save you from scrapes if you’re new to skating, riding hard or just clumsy. Please be safe out there!


Can you take it on an airplane?

Both the Single (108WH) and Dual (144WH) batteries can be taken on airlines only with permission from the airline. We’ll be releasing a battery with 99WH capacity specifically made for air travel, which does not require explicit permission. If you’re interested in this battery you can sign up to be notified here as soon as it releases!


Are you hiring?

Yes. If you love to shred and have creative talents, DM us on facebook or Instagram.

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